👌👌 *Beautiful Message*. (Pls read)
    A rich man looked through his window and saw a poor man picking something from his dustbin … He said, Thank *ALLAH* I’m not poor.
             The poor man looked around and saw a naked man misbehaving on the street … He said, Thank *ALLAH* I’m not mad.
The mad man looked ahead and saw an ambulance carrying a patient … He said, Thank *ALLAH* am not sick.
   Then a sick person in hospital saw a trolley taking a dead body to the mortuary … He said, Thank *ALLAH* I’m not dead.
   Only a dead person cannot thank *ALLAH* 
 Why don’t you thank *ALLAH* today for all your blessings and for the gift of life … for another beautiful day.
*What is LIFE*?

     To understand life better, you have to go to 3 locations :
1. Hospital

2. Prison 

3. Cemetery
🏥 At the Hospital, you will understand that nothing is more beautiful than HEALTH.
🔐 In the Prison, you’ll see that FREEDOM is the most precious thing.
💐 At the Cemetery, you will realize that life is worth nothing. The ground that we walk today will be our roof tomorrow.
*Sad Truth* : We all come with *Nothing* and we will go with *Nothing* … Let us, therefore, remain humble and be thankful & grateful to *ALLAH SUBAHANAHU WATA’ALLAH* at all times for everything. 
🙏 Could you please share this with someone else, and let them know that *ALLAH*(SWT) loves them?

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