Healing Through Charity


And it touched my heart.

Do not underestimate the mercy and power of GOD:

A young man’s mother was hospitalized.

She was placed in intensive care.

A few days later, the doctors told him that her condition was desperate, it could expire at any time.

He left the hospital helpless.

On his way back to visit his mother he stopped at a gas station.

While waiting for the attendant to fill his tank, he noticed a begging lady with her two children all dressed in rags.

They were really hungry.

He thinks :

Who will help them in these circumstances? Then he went into the store.

He bought a box of ordinary biscuits that cost nothing at all, opened the box for them and continued his way to the hospital.

When he entered the intensive care unit his mother was no longer there, he dropped what was in his hands, and rushed to ask the nurse.

Where is she ?

She said: she suddenly got better, so we moved her to the next room.

He went to his mother, greeted her and asked her what happened.

She said she saw as she was unconscious a lady in scruffy outfit and her two children with their hands stretched out to heaven praying for her.

The young man stood in amazement.

Praise be to him whose compassion embraces everything.

Praise be to GOD: giving alms rejects calamities, by the permission of GOD.

Heal your illness through almsgiving.

This is just a box of ordinary biscuits. But charity protects you from the fire of hell even with a half-date.

Make this message your first act of generosity, your act of charity, of almsgiving.

Even if you are busy, passing it on to as many people as possible is already a great sign of charity.

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